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Innokin iTaste Arachnid Mechanical Mod Review – Best Fit with M.I.A Music

If you have the chance to listen to music don't miss a chance to sit down and relax while listening to M.I.A's world music. M.I.A, a British recording artist, is both a play on her name Matangi "Maya" Arulpragasam and a reference to the abbreviation for Missing in Action. M.I.A's sound was a combination of electronic, dance, alternative and hiphop. The sound of M.I.A is so cool and will be a great partner while relaxing and vaping. When you are thinking of a mechanical mod that would best fit with M.I.A music, Arachnid mechanical mod by Innokin is the one.

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Innokin itaste Arachnid mechanical mod that can be found in this wholesale vape store is a telescopic mod with a created with a lock ring at the bottom. The purpose of the lock ring at the bottom is to protect firing that may occur unexpectedly. If you can lock the ring you can also unlock the fire button just turn the ring clockwise for positive or counterclockwise for negative. It has a feature that would easily adjust a pin for various tank, this is the positive connector pin. The positive connector pin can be adjusted to any heights. All you need to do is just to turn the pin clockwise for positive or counterclockwise for negative. Arachnid mechanical also has a telescopic tube that can be expanded. To expand the tube you just have to turn it clockwise for positive and counterclockwise for negative. There are 3 available colors that you can choose for this mod, blue, black and red. The iTaste Arachnid can supports 18350 , 18500 & 18650 battery size . The input voltage for arachnid is 3.2 – 4.3V. According to this Innokin wholesale supplier, it is recommended to use high drain IMR batteries, it cannot use 2 stacked batteries.